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Building American Dreams

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PHI3 Construction creates custom spaces to raise your family and entertain with friends.  From indoor updates and remodeling to outdoor living and landscape design, PHI3 Construction has a solution to improve your home and increase value while retaining or improving the functionality of each space.

Three decades of home improvement and customer service are the foundation of every space we design.  And those spaces we create are as much an individual as the clients we offer our services to are. 

PHI3 Construction Services

Exterior Services

Outdoor Living
Outdoor Living PHI3 Construction

Home Outdoor Living refers to designing and creating an outdoor living space that extends and enhances your home's indoor living space.


Hardscapes refer to the hard, man-made elements of a landscape, such as patios, decks, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, and outdoor fireplaces or kitchens.


Softscapes refer to the living, organic elements in a landscaping design, such as plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and other vegetation. In both residential and commercial settings, softscapes play an important role in creating a welcoming and attractive outdoor environment.


A patio is an outdoor area, usually paved, adjacent to a residence used for dining, relaxing or entertaining. It can be attached to the house or be a separate structure in the backyard.

Water Features

Water features are used to create a soothing sound and aesthetic beauty in your outdoor gathering space. PHI3 Construction builds your new water feature into your Outdoor Living Area to establish a tranquil oasis, providing that calming ambiance we all desire at home. 

Fire Features

A fire feature is an outdoor feature, such as a fire pit, fireplace, or chiminea, used for recreational or decorative purposes, usually to provide warmth and to create a focal point for outdoor gatherings.

Interiors Services


Kitchen design and remodeling involve planning and creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space.


Bathroom updates are a great way to add beauty, safety, and value to your home.  PHI3 Construction works with you, taking into account who uses each bathroom, how much traffic each will see in the course of a normal day, and what the requirements are for each bathroom.


Renovating, or finishing a bare basement, in your home involves updating the space to make it more functional and livable. This can include tasks such as adding insulation, drywall, flooring, electrical and plumbing systems, lighting fixtures, and ventilation.

Trim Work

Trimwork means more than just your basic "Base and Shoe" around the floor.  It could include cabinets, built in shelving, installing new doors, crafting a new basement bar, or trimming out a dining room with crown moulding and chair rail.


Flooring will be one of the most important choices you can make when remodeling your home.  The feel of the room, the visual texture, the purpose of the space, all of these are taken into account when PHI3 Construction assists you in selecting the best floor covering to suit your needs for each particular space.


Home wall remodeling refers to the process of altering the existing walls in a home, either structurally or aesthetically. This can include painting, wallpapering, adding or removing wall partitions, installing wall paneling or tiles, and adding or removing built-in shelving or cabinetry. The goal of home wall remodeling is often to improve the look and functionality of a room, increase storage space, and add value to the home.